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tube settlerHarga Jual Tube Settler – Tube settlers and parallel plates increase the settling capacity of circular clarifiers and/or rectangular sedimentation basins by reducing the vertical distance a floc particle mustsettle before agglomerating to form larger particles.

Tube settlers use multiple tubular channels sloped at an angle of 60° and adjacent to eachother, which combine to form an increased effectivesettling area. This provides for a particle settling depththat is significantly less than the settling depth of aconventional clarifier, reducing settling times.Tube settlers capture the settleable fine floc that escapesthe clarification zone beneath the tube settlers and allowsthe larger floc to travel to the tank bottom in a moresettleable form. The tube settler’s channel collects solidsinto a compact mass which promotes the solids to slide down the tube channel.

Tube settlers offer an inexpensive method of upgradingexisting water treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation basins to improve performance. They can also reduce thetankage/footprint required in new installations or improvethe performance of existing settling basins by reducing thesolids loading on downstream filters.Made of lightweight PVC, tube settlers can be easilysupported with minimal structures that often incorporate the effluent trough supports.They are available in a variety of module sizes and tube lengths to fit any tank geometry,with custom design and engineering offered by the manufacturer.

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